Author ········· Wildbird Graphics
Medium ········· Print & Web
Year ··········· 2017
Project ········ Logo & packaging, Corporate Identity

Lux Collectibles ®
Lucia Oceguera is a mixed-media artist who spent her college years in New York, with a masters’ degree in Fine Arts by Pratt University in Brooklyn. LUX is a brand of miniature collectible happenings that are handcrafted by the artist and aimed to the collector of decorative pieces of contemporary art. 

LUX, as she describes it, is a “contained alternative reality”, or miniature collages featuring all kinds of scenes: from simple, everyday life events to the most surreal, dreamy scenarios. 

Given that humor is the most important feature in her work, the logo needed to be fun and dynamic, and to accurately communicate that art is only qualified as art because it can be seen from different perspectives.

LUX is a part of a new wave of hip, affordable art pieces -intended to be sold as collectors’ series- that is being explored by today’s emerging artists, given the proliferation of online-art demand and showcasing.

This project includes the design of LUX’s website as a virtual gallery and online store (currently under construction) and the packaging design for the made-to-order pieces.

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles