Author ········· Wildbird Graphics
Medium ········· Print & Web
Year ··········· 2013
Project ········ Logo Design, Webpage Design, Corporate Identity

El Aleman ®
Ingenieria Integral Aplicada
El Aleman Bombas, El Aleman Compresores and El Aleman Microaspersion are all branches of an eingeneering company founded in 1949 by german immigrant Max Lauktien Tissat in Culiacan, Mexico.

Over the course of 64 years, El Aleman grew more than 7 branches in Culiacan, Ciudad Obregon, Guamuchil and Mazatlan becoming one of the most successful hardware stores in the country. In 2013, however, Kurt Lauktien (Max’s grandson) transformed the entire face of the company to meet evolving market demands towards sustainability, specializing in chemichal-free water treatment. 

The logo and digital-branding strategy focused on reflecting modernity, efficiency and generational expertise.

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles